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Last Updated: Year 16 Day 364
System: Keeara Major

Sector: Koro-Teta

Coordinates: (-24, 51)

Suns: 1

Planets: 1

Stations: 2

Population: 9,304,140

Controlled By: Galactic Empire

Space Combat: PvE

Ground Combat: PvE

Sector Map

The Keeara Major System, situated pretty close to the galactic center, is a large area of commerce for this sector.

Image Name Position Type Size Population Controlled By Homeworld Travel Planner
Keeara Major Sun Keeara Major Sun 7, 15 Sun 30x30 0 - -
Keeara Major Keeara Major 8, 8 Cold/breathable 12x12 9,304,140 Galactic Empire -
Image Name Position Type Owner
Golan II Keera Major Defense Station 07-07 7, 7 Golan II Galactic Empire
Trading II [GE] [S5] Keeara Major Storage IV 8, 8 Trading II Galactic Empire
Name Collected Data Speed Modifier Owner
Keeara Major to Kuar Hyperlane 13 Data Blocks 0.4% Public
Keeara Major to Candoria Hyperlane 23 Data Blocks 0.3% Public
Keeara Major to Azurbani Hyperlane 27 Data Blocks 0.3% Public
Keeara Major to Bright Jewel Hyperlane 23 Data Blocks 0.3% Public
Keeara Major to Tython Hyperlane 7 Data Blocks 0.2% Public
Keeara Major to Empress Teta Hyperlane 6 Data Blocks 0.2% Public