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Cyborg Metallurgy Unit (Cybernetics)
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The Cyborg Metallurgy Unit was originally designed to ensure the quality of metals at the galaxy's most prominent foundries. It consists of an ocular implant integrated into the nervous system of a sentient via a set of four prongs in the back of the head. This can be easily adjusted to fit a variety of species and head shapes. The implant magnifies vision to the microscopic and atomic levels, allowing the wearer to analyze the structure and composition of different metals without relying on other equipment. While its original target was foundry inspectors and merchants, the unit has also found popularity with researchers and prospectors who rely on it to determine the purity of metals and minerals in the field. 

The Metallurgy Unit is not without its drawbacks, however. Even when its features are not being used, there have been numerous reports of depth perception issues among users. These issues are known to impact the user's ability to use ranged and melee weaponry and interferes with the ability to use tools that aren't included in the cybernetic's databanks.