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StarSpeeder 3000 (Light Freighters)

The workhorse of the Galactic Tourist Bureau, the StarSpeeder 3000 is the latest generation of commercial passenger transports developed by Sacul Aerospace exclusively for Star Tours Spacelines. A simple trapezoid, the StarSpeeder series is tailored for the industry, boasting five spacious aisles of luxury seating with boarding access at either end of each row and ample space for luggage. While not designed to handle a great deal of punishment, vacationers can relax in a safe environment with personal gravitic harnesses inside a ray-shielded cabin.

The transparisteel viewport offers a grand frontal vista while in transit, which can be enhanced by the deployment of a camera droid that casts its feed to small monitors. To reduce overhead costs, StarSpeeders are almost entirely automated. An external socket holds the astromech systems analyst, and an RX-series pilot droid operates the craft from a static mount at the front of the cabin. While the subspace thrusters propel the StarSpeeder 3000 at reasonable speeds, the most impressive hardware is the binary-motivated T-14 hyperdrives, which remain one of the fastest warp drive systems in the entire galaxy. The configuration of the generators is a patented technology that Star Tours guards diligently. With Star Tours, you will be safe and mostly assured that you're in the fastest vehicle this side of the Outer Rim.

Raw Materials
  • Quantum: 17
  • Meleenium: 171
  • Ardanium: 18
  • Rudic: 23
  • Rockivory: 16
  • Tibannagas: 3
  • Varmigio: 102
  • Lommite: 40
  • Durelium: 34
  • Rare
  • Hyperspeed: 8
  • Sublight Speed: 50 MGLT
  • Max Speed: 500 km/h
  • Manoeuvrability: 6
  • Weight: 45 T
  • Volume: 825 m³
  • Length: 20 m
  • Party Slot: 3.00
Cargo Capacity
  • Weight Cap: 5 T
  • Volume Cap: 45 m³
  • Max Passengers: 42
Combat Role
  • Auxiliary
  • Heavy Laser: 2
  • Hull: 60
  • Deflectors: 30
  • Ionic Capacity: 15
  • Armour: 30
  • Sensors: 1
  • ECM: 0
  • Raw Value: 132,558 CR
  • Recommended Workers: 6
  • Recycling XP: 20 XP
  • Production Mod: 150
Storage Room Landing Capacity Repulsor
Related Skills
  • Fighter/Freighter Piloting
  • Fighter/Freighter Combat
  • Space Command

Floor: Base

Floor: Base
Room Cockpit Overlay Door
Room Storage Room Overlay DoorDoor
Room Entrance/Exit Overlay Door