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The Gands are a species of sentient life that has developed in the gases of the planet Gand. Able to survive in the various gases, they require a special breathing apparatus in order to survive in oxygen-based atmospheres. The lungs of the Gand are quite efficient, able to utilize nearly 85 percent of the atmosphere they breathe in with each breath.

The Gand have developed a totalitarian monarchy, and various colonies of Gand live in pockets of mist in the gas giant's atmosphere. When renegade Gand are sought, findsmen are sent out to locate them. When the Empire overran the planet, the findsmen were presented with advanced technology with which to hunt their targets. The better findsmen became bounty hunters.

The Gand hold their names in great reverence. A Gand who has accomplished nothing in his life is simply known as 'Gand'. When a Gand completes a task, they are given their family's surname. A further accomplishment provides the Gand with a proper name. Pronouns are almost never used, and are reserved for those famous Gand who have accomplished so much that their deeds are known by all. If a Gand does something to be ashamed of, or causes offence to another Gand, their name is reduced. It was discovered, after the Galactic Civil War, that the Gand have certain regenerative properties.

Most Famous
  • Caelo Ignis
  • Char`Kargis Olort
  • Cremaster
  • Daarco Ananocki
  • Ecos Symet
  • Faer Ghall
  • Gwindor Leldoran
  • Jaxik Seko
  • Qwillian Kell
  • Roshan Mixiquix
  • Force Probability: 6%
  • Race Multiplier: 1.5
  • Initial Health: 53 - 103 HP
  • Homeworld: Gand
  • Perception: 1
Restricted Terrains
Gas Giant Ocean Volcanic
  • Type: Hot/toxic Atmosphere
  • Size: 15x15
  • Gand homeworld
  • Total: 443,848,806 inhabitants
  • Hireable Population: 1,000
  • Civilization: 10.2700%
Combat Settings
  • Ground Combat: PvE
  • Bandits & Creatures: Hostile

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