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Alderaanians are well known for the beautiful structures on their planet. Every city and structure on Alderaan is specially made to blend into the natural surroundings and bring them closer to the nature of their homeworld. Due to their innate ability to create structures that look more like natural creations than man-made ones, Alderaanian architects are widely sought. The Alderaanian culture is one that respects all life and nature, believing that each life is a sacred thing and is not to be thrown away. Alderaanians are widely known for their diplomacy which they skillfully employ to avoid all conflict. Their skills in diplomacy were so good, that Alderaan has been virtually left untouched by the galactic conflicts over the thousands of years. Due to their peaceful nature, handling fire arms is not common knowledge. Even the planetary police force has very few weapons that could do lethal damage.
  • Most Famous
  • Appan Parsu
  • Argon Windlaeufer
  • Corinan Ragnos
  • Emillio Peares
  • Euna Miriel
  • Lorien Gray
  • Nathaniel Durane
  • Rochi Zaraki
  • Shaynar Scarne
  • Xun Vixx
  • Details
  • Force Probability: 5%
  • Race Multiplier: 1.0
  • Initial Health: 35 - 85 HP
  • Homeworld: Alderaan
  • Skills
  • Diplomacy/Trading: 2
  • Management: 1

Restricted Terrains

Gas Giant Ocean Volcanic
  • Details
  • Type: Temperate/breathable
  • Size: 10x10
  • Alderaanian homeworld
  • Population
  • Total: 342,234,693 inhabitants
  • Hireable: 998 workers
  • Civilization: 12.1400%
  • Income
  • Tax Level: 5.0000%
  • Planet Income: 38,280,202 credits
  • Tax Income: 1,914,010 credits