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Economy: Asteroid Mining Depots
Asteroid Mining can be automated by Mining Factions through the use of depot stations.
Image Name Depot Capacity Turnaround Time
Depot Station I Depot Station I 12 concurrent mining squads 3,600 seconds.
Depot Station II Depot Station II 12 concurrent mining squads 5,400 seconds.
Depot Station III Depot Station III 12 concurrent mining squads 7,200 seconds.
Depot Station IV Depot Station IV 12 concurrent mining squads 9,000 seconds.

Stations to be used with depot mining must be built within the same Deep Space Asteroid System (Mining ships will not enter hyperspace to travel to deposits).

A Mining Action is performed by a squadron (total party slot size of 12), where at least one ship must have the asteroid mining capability. Therefore, it is possible to combine mining ships and haulers in a squadron for increased capacity (at the cost of decreased mining performance).

Image Ship Mining Power Slot Size
Y-8 Mining Vessel Y-8 Mining Vessel 1000 Mining Power 6
  • Ships to be used with asteroid mining must be at the same location as the station.
  • The controller must have pilot or commander, or associated "Assign Ship" privilege for ships to be used.
  • The controller must have station control room access and be present in the control room.
  • Asteroid Deposits must be revealed by prospecting prior to Asteroid Mining.

The following information is required to dispatch an asteroid miner:

  • List of ships to be used - Maximum of 12 slots.
  • A Material Type - this is the type that the miner will mine. Only one type can be set.
  • Yield Limit - Maximum number of units to be extracted before action stops repeating.

Asteroid Miners follow this procedure:

  • The Miner will pick one of the three closest revealed deposits of the given material type.
  • The Miner will travel to this deposit and start mining
  • The Miner will continue to mine until either: the cargo storage is full, the deposit depletes or expires, or the set yield limit is hit.
  • The Miner will return to base.
  • The Miner will merge collected materials together, and deposit them in the base.
  • A skippable delay of the station turnaround time occurs, and the process repeats.

Exceptional situations:

  • Insufficient credits to cover extraction: Extraction fails and the miner travels to base, does not repeat.
  • A Mining ship is attacked or destroyed: The mining squad travels to base, does not repeat.
  • The controller character becomes inactive (banned, dropped character, or not logged in with 7 days): Mining will not repeat

From the station, a miner can be recalled, which will cause it to abort mining and deposit its current contents, before repeating.

From the station, a miner can be aborted, which will recall it to the station, but it will not repeat.

The station owner, commander or pilot, or anyone with associated "Station Assign" privilege can assume control of other players Mining squads at a given station.

The station must be owned or assigned to a Mining faction. This requirement is checked when starting mining and when mining repeats.

The mining controller may fund the mining themselves, or can be funded by their faction if they have "Can Perform Asteroid Mining" privilege. If this privilege is removed, funding reverts to the mining controller.

The calculations for depot mining are shared with asteroid mining, with some added penalties:
  • Any Piloting and Combat skills used in calculations are modified by the garrison calculation: 0.3 * Skill + 0.5 * SpaceCommand
  • Mining time is increased by 1.250x
  • Mining XP is reduced by 0.666x
  • The number of active depot miner squads is included in the "concurrent duration factor" calculation.
  • The limit of 10 concurrent actions one character can run at a time includes depot mining squads.