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Ground Combat: Confusion

Confusion is a status effect that affects organic entities, including Characters, NPCs, and Creatures. When under the influence of confusion, these entities are unable to concentrate effectively, resulting in their inability to successfully hit their targets during their next combat round. The effects of confusion last for only one combat round or until the effect naturally dissipates.

Once an entity becomes confused, the duration of the effect varies based on several factors. While the entity remains confused, they will be unable to successfully hit their target during the next combat round. However, once the predetermined timer expires or the confused entity actively participates in a combat round, the confusion effect will be automatically removed.

When a Force user is affected by confusion, their ability to target accurately with Force Powers is compromised. This can lead to various outcomes, including missing all cast attempts, targeting incorrect enemies or allies, or failing to manifest the power entirely. Once a power is cast by a confused Force user, the confusion effect will wear off automatically, similar to the passage of a combat round. However, despite the confusion, the user will still consume the necessary Force points and endure the expected cooldown that would have normally taken place if they had not been confused. It's important to note that the Force user will not receive any experience points for this particular action.

A target can only be inflicted with confusion through the Force Power called Mind Control. In order for an entity to be confused, a Force user must specifically target that entity and successfully cast the Mind Control power upon them. Confusion cannot be induced by any other means or powers at this time.

If Force Mind Control is used to confuse a target, there will be no indication presented to the target that they have been confused. The only individuals aware of the confusion will be the Force user who cast the power and any other entities with the ability to detect or perceive the status effect. The target remains unaware of their own confused state unless informed by external sources or until they experience the effects of confusion through their actions.