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Ground Combat: Demolitions

Breaching a door requires the use of one or more explosives. Door breaching is available via a "Breach" button on the Locks page when the requirements are met. The requirements for door breaching to be possible are:

  • The door must be locked
  • The containing entity may not be owned by the character or their faction
  • One of:
    • Global door breaching to be enabled. Current status: Disabled
    • The containing entity must be located in a combat-enabled system
    • The entity must be owned by a hostile NPC (eg. bandits)

Assuming the requirements to breach a door are met, the character can select "Breach" This will then prompt the character to select the eligible explosives that are available for use. Explosives in a cargo container may not be used.

Explosives must either be directly equipped to the character or one of their party members OR stored within a storage entity carried by the character or one of their party members.

eg. Explosives in a toolkit held by the character would be available for use.

After selecting the explosives, the character will enter a time delay to arm the explosives. Failure to arm explosives will result in damaging them beyond repair.

If arming the explosives was successful, the character will now experience a countdown while waiting for the explosives to blow up. While arming explosives and during explosive countdowns, the character is unable to move nor complete any other actions due to the focus required to arm the explosive and than to take cover during the explosion. After the countdown completes, the explosives may explode or it may turn out that the explosives turned out to be non-functional. If the explosives do explode, they will cause some amount of damage to the door as well as to the entity the door is inside. Should the explosives succeed in breaching the door, characters, creatures and NPCs within the room on the other side of the door may take damage. Using more explosives than necessary to destroy the door will significantly increase the chance of the explosion backfiring, see Backfires. A successful explosion results in the owner of the entity being notified.

The explosive countdown provides a period of time during which the defender can respond by:

  • Attacking the attacker
  • Disarming the explosives
  • Fleeing the scene
The owner, or another character they send, may attempt to disarm explosives until the explosive countdown has less than 30 minutes remaining. To disarm explosives, the character can click the "Disarm" button that appears on doors that have been armed with explosives. Disarming explosives must occur from the same room in which the explosive was armed.

Both the attacker and the defender can trigger backfires. Where successfully breaching the door causes damage to the creatures, characters and NPCs on the opposite side, a backfire introduces the potential for damage to those passengers on the side the backfire is triggered. Highly-skilled characters will have a minimal, if any, chance of triggering a backfire. The exact equation is hidden. Should a backfire occur, the chances of taking damage are identical to those after a successful door breach.

The attacker can take damage during failure to arm, backfire after the explosive detonation, and failure to disarm

The character attempting to disarm a door can take damage during failure to disarm.

Any entities in the opposing room take damage should the door be successfully breached (destroyed).

Only certain types of explosives are suitable for blowing up doors. As a result, the following explosives are able to be used:

Image Explosive
Alpha Plus Charge Alpha Plus Charge
Blaststick Blaststick
Class-A Thermal Detonator Class-A Thermal Detonator
Frame Charge Frame Charge
PrG-7 PrG-7
Sapper Charge Sapper Charge
Sequencer Charge Sequencer Charge
Thermal Bomb Thermal Bomb

A door health bar is displayed on the lock screen. Hovering over it reveals the door's current health.
Explosive Skill = max(Heavy Weapons, (floor(R&D Metallurgy * 0.66)))

The explosive skill is utilized in the damage equation after the countdown completes. Explosive damage utilizes the same damage calculations as all other combat, however the weapon skill component is this explosive skill value.

time_minutes = 30 + (5 * (NumberOfExplosives - 1))

The time to arm explosives is no less than 30 minutes. If arming more than 1 explosive, an extra 5 minutes is added per additional explosive. This additional time is to accommodate connecting the explosives together so that they explode at the same time. This timer is subject to any combat scaling timer in the current system.

time_minutes = 30

The time to disarm explosives is a constant 30 minutes regardless of the number of explosives present. This timer is subject to any combat scaling timer in the current system.

time_hours = 4

The explosive countdown is a constant 4 hours regardless of the number of explosives in use. This timer is subject to any combat scaling timer in the current system.

chance_to_arm = 75 - (15% * NumberOfExplosives) + (15% * HeavyWeapons) where
  • NumberOfExplosives is the total number of explosives in use
  • HeavyWeapons is the character's heavy weapons skill
  • chance_to_arm is a percentage

The more explosives in use, the harder it is to arm them. This effect can be counteracted by characters who are highly skilled in heavy weapons.

chance_to_disarm = 60 - (15% * NumberOfExplosives) + (10% * max(Repair, HeavyWeapons)) where
  • NumberOfExplosives is the total number of explosives in use
  • Repair is the character's repair skill
  • HeavyWeapons is the character's heavy weapons skill
  • chance_to_disarm is a percentage

The more explosives in use, the harder it is to disarm them. This effect can be somewhat counteracted by characters with strong repair or heavy weapons skills.

successful_door_breach = 40 * door_level successful_explosion_no_breach = 20 * door_level successful_disarm = 10 * number_of_explosives_used

XP is only granted after a successful explosive countdown. In the event of a backfire from the use of too many explosives, no XP is rewarded.

hull_damage = (rand(2, 5) / 100) * maxHull where
  • maxHull is the containing entity's max hull
  • hull_damage will never reduce an entity's current hull beyond 10% of maxHull

When an explosive goes off inside an entity, the entity will take a small amount of damage, never to exceed a specified threshold. This occurs whether or not the door is breached (destroyed), only damaged or if the explosion backfires.

chance_of_damage = 20%
amount_of_damage = rand(1, maxHP) where
  • maxHP is the character, creature or NPC's max HP

If the door is successfully breached, there is a chance of any character, creature or NPC taking damage. The chance of damage is calculated independently for each eligible passenger. The same is true for damage dealt as a result of a backfire, just with a different damage chance. The amount of damage will not kill a character. Creatures and NPCs may be killed if enough damage is done.

Since arming an explosive and the successive explosive countdown lock the character in their position, the character who planted the explosives will have the potential to take damage if the explosive backfires.