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Last Updated: Year 16 Day 364
Planet: Bomodon I
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Bomodon I, a tropical planet slightly smaller than average, is located in the same star system as its namesake planet. Its surface is dominated by verdant jungles and vast stretches of volcanic mudflats. The jungles are teeming with exotic flora and fauna, some of which are unique to the planet, while others like the gundarks and acklays are a common sight across the galaxy. The volcanic activity has led to the formation of hot springs and geysers that are popular with tourists seeking relaxation and adventure, while nearby Bomodon mining corporations tap into the mineral and ore wealth bubbling up to the surface in streams of bright red lava.

Bomodon's sister world was colonized by the people of the same name, who sought refuge from the political intrigue and shadowy subterfuge of their homeworld. The planet remained largely untouched until centuries ago when wealthy elites from Bomodon recognized its potential as a luxurious getaway. They constructed sprawling estates and resorts in the jungles, where they could indulge in exotic foods, drinks, and entertainment, or organize thrilling hunts in pursuit of rare game for their evening feasts. With their arrival, advanced technology and knowledge were brought to the planet, giving rise to a thriving economy centered around tourism and high-end services. However, despite the affluence, Bomodon I maintains its natural beauty and allure.

The population of Bomodon I remains relatively small, primarily comprising those who embrace a simpler life away from the cutthroat politics of their homeworld, as well as a small working population that is almost wholly under the employ of the wealthy elites. Yet, the close proximity to Bomodon ensures that political manoeuvring is never far away, but the population size limits the extent of such activities on Bomodon I. As a result, the elites who vacation on Bomodon I often use it as a venue for secret meetings and negotiations, leading to rumours of illicit dealings and seedy alliances, and giving the planet a slightly shady reputation. Nonetheless, Bomodon I continues to be a popular destination for those seeking relaxation, adventure, or a taste of the high life.

  • Type: Hot/breathable
  • Size: 9x9
  • Total: 1,769,770 inhabitants
  • Hireable Population: 1,000
  • Civilization: 1.8400%
Combat Settings
  • Ground Combat: PvE
  • Bandits & Creatures: Hostile