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Last Updated: Year 16 Day 364
Planet: Disappearance of Grundtlurd Hawk
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The Grundtlurd Hawk was originally built as one of three sister ships by the Ihrtan Spacelines corporation. Transport vessels custom-built to accommodate sightseers, the ships were highly resilient and built to withstand extreme temperatures, adapt to instantaneous gravity shifts, and dissipate incredible amounts of radiation. These features allowed them to offer tourism packages flying to locales that most ships were incapable of reaching.

After a high-profile scandal involving the Ihrtan Spacelines chief stockholder the board of directors decided that a new campaign was necessary to re-stimulate public interest in the tours. It was decided that the Grundtlurd Hawk and her sister ship, Biyamos Hawk, would offer fares to see the Maw.

Although the corporation claimed to have run multiple experimental trips by the extreme ships to the Maw to test their resiliency, the first public expedition carrying nearly 1,300 passengers per craft, resulted in the disappearance of the Grundtlurd almost instantly after reverting from hyperspace. The Biyamos, which reverted several moments later, was saved from the same fate when Ihrtan Spacelines immediately ordered her to leave the vicinity pending word from her disappeared sister-ship. More than a century later, it is still assumed that the Grundtlurd ran into an uncharted black hole in the Maw.

  • Type: Black Hole
  • Size: 30x30