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Planet: Quermia II
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Quermia II is a cold dwarf planet located in the Nilgaard sector on the far edge of the Outer Rim. The world was introduced to the modern galaxy by a fairly well-known Chiss spacer and scout. It has remained mostly untouched except by the original pioneers although an exception has been made since its rediscovery. A pact of mutual friendship was signed, allowing baronies to be established by a league of frontiersmen. The local population calls their home Ol'valtru, which means hope in the Old Corellian dialect.

Most of the planet is dense forests, which are home to the sentient population where they live in advanced arboreal villages and cities. Atrudeni is one such place, the sprawling polycentric capital is modern and sophisticated, a prehistoric megalopolis of intertwining groves of hiaak trees. The dark thicketed basin of the cityscape is littered with thoughtfully placed lightcap and tree-coral mushroom clumps. The fungi illuminate the pathways with ambient light, making it much safer for visitors and denizens to travel. The latter plants were given to the Council of Chieftains as a symbolic gift of peace and cooperation between the frontiersmen and the original pioneers.

Approximately 1,100 years ago, a private exploration ship was launched in secret by an eccentric Coruscanti philanthropist to escape the fall of the Galactic Republic during the Jedi-Sith Wars. The starship was irreparably damaged traveling through a massive asteroid field and crashed into the mountainous forests overlooking the wastelands of Quermia II. The shipwreck was buried under tons of earth and debris, with only the bridge tower remaining above ground. The surviving castaways salvaged what little they could and rallied under the leadership of the Cerean Captain, Presli Atruden. Establishing a camp around the bridge tower, the group became known as the Atrudeni, who converted the remainder of the starship into a stronghold. Building a stone keep around the tower base, they then proceeded to establish a network of farms to support the colony. It eventually grew upwards and outwards to become one of several thriving cities. The diverse makeup of the settlers are Twi'leks, Duros, Cereans, Zabraks, Sullustans, and various Human subspecies. Interspecies marriage is commonplace amongst the population.

A diverse terrain spreads across the landmass. A northern arctic pole and the Foleyian Tundra in the southwest, bordered by boreal forests. To the west are the Feresenya caves and to the east is the Gedayi, a vast empty heath that transitions into rocky highlands. The remainder of the pangea consists of snow-capped mountains. This contrast allowed for a variety of native wildlife to evolve over millennia.

There are imported species plus thousands of native insects, reptiles, and assorted lifeforms scouring the planet. One species of note are the Malrass, a non-sentient species of predatory quadrupeds. They hunt in packs with an uncanny ability to cloak themselves, using long claws and powerful fanged jaws to disable their victims. Their incisors can measure from two to four inches long and can rip out the throat of anything smaller than a full-grown Slashrat. Of the flora itself, there are the great hiaak, native oak, and a plethora of vibrant wildflowers, hardy conifers, and succulent fruit trees.

  • Details
  • Type: Cold/breathable
  • Size: 5x5
  • Population
  • Total: 4,233,097 inhabitants
  • Hireable Population: 123
  • Civilization: 9.2000%