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Planet: Nam Chorios
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The planet Nam Chorios is the sole orbital body around its parent star Nam, located in the Meridian sector of the Outer Rim. Nam Chorios is a desolate rock of average planetary size. The surface consists primarily of sand-swept wastes and rocky deserts, with pockets of volcanic activity interspersed across the two hemispheres. Little vegetation grows on this rock, except for an indigenous species of plant known as brachniel, which has an incredible ability to efficiently retain water, similar to the hardy flora often found on other desert planets. Yet perhaps the most unique feature of this world is the eternal dusk that dominates its skies, a direct result of its sole star’s naturally dim light. As such, visitors to the planet often speak of an eerie atmosphere hanging about the surface of this barren orb.

Seven centuries ago, the Grissmath Dynasty of the Meridian sector discovered Nam Chorios and turned it into a brutal penal colony. The harrowing nature of this planet was attributed to the existence of a native parasitic life form called the droch, which terrorised whole settlements by burrowing beneath the skin of its victims and feeding off their host’s life energy and intelligence for centuries. Eventually, the Grissmath Dynasty and its powerbase collapsed, allowing the descendants of the prisoners to form a sect of Force-worshipping nomads that trekked across the planet’s wastes. They call themselves the Theran Listeners. The Force is quite strong on this world, which is made evident by the Force storms that light up its sand-dusted skies. A unique phenomenon, their frequency increases whenever the galaxy is cast into chaos. Another group of native dwellers arose on the planet as well. These are the offspring of the initial inhabitants of the penal colony. They never followed the first Theran Listeners into the desert and started calling themselves the Oldtimers. These Oldtimers learned how to fight off and contain the parasitic droch. They also domesticated various indigenous animals on the planet, such as the alcopays and the cu-pas, the latter being distantly related to the tauntauns of Hoth.

While the planet was in Separatist space during the Clone Wars, its sparse level of habitation and relative unimportance on the galactic playing field mean that Nam Chorios has gone largely untouched by the galactic superpowers in recent history. Most had even forgotten about the existence of this world, as its name was nowhere to be found in the many star charts of the galactic governments. Just recently, REBEL SCUM explorers rediscovered it in near-pristine condition. Not long after, the Antarian Rangers put Nam Chorios on the map once again by building a large but environmentally friendly mining operation, which has had a small but significant effect on the galactic economy. The Oldtimers still living on the planet’s surface refer to these new arrivals as “Newcomers” and regularly travel to their newly constructed settlements to trade and exchange culture. The Theran Listeners rarely emerge from the deepest parts of the desert and remain an enigmatic presence on Nam Chorios. However, due to the long and intimate history many of the Newcomers have with the Force, some of the bolder Listeners have initiated interactions with these offworld sages and adepts.

  • Type: Hot/breathable
  • Size: 10x10
  • Total: 330,008,564 inhabitants
  • Hireable Population: 1,000
  • Civilization: 20.3000%
Combat Settings
  • Ground Combat: PvE
  • Bandits & Creatures: Hostile