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Last Updated: Year 16 Day 364
System: Cha Raaba
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Sector: Hutt Space

Coordinates: (397, -20)

Suns: 1

Moons: 1

Planets: 2

Stations: 18

Population: 84,115,699

Controlled By: Eidola Pirates

Cha Raaba is an old, red star of organgish tint. Linguists differ as to the precise meaning of the term behind the name; there are a number of different word roots from which it may be derived. This has caused some controversy among galactic scholars, which is likely to remain unresolved. As often happens in such cases, native experts in the Huttese tongue (of which there are a remarkable number) all seem fully content in their own interpretation and little surprised or much concerned that most of the others are wrong.

The star supports a small planetary system consisting of only two worlds, both of which orbit close to the primary. Ice and debris in the outer reaches never coalesced into bodies of any size; comets and asteroids are virtually unknown. The inner planet, Ylesia, does have a small moon, however, and the moon bears a life-sustaining atmosphere similar in composition to Ylesia's own. Nevertheless, it is that planet itself which is most settled; the Cha Raaba system is often known as the Ylesian system for the society centered around the tropical world.

The system, in all of its segments, remains mostly given over to natural wilderness. There are no native sentient beings, and although it has long been inhabited, little serious development has ever been undertaken. It is one of a handful of star systems tucked away in a remote corner of Hutt Space. Although the Hutts traditionally own all of these systems, none in living memory appears to have taken much interest in them. The area is not heavily patrolled, and no large space battles have ever occurred there. Despite rumors existing of some more nefarious affairs here, the main business in Cha Raaba is the ranching and exportation of indigenous reeks, which are popular throughout the Outer Rim for use in combat and as beasts of burden. However, due to the well-known territoriality of the Hutts, the wise visitor will nonetheless seek permission before coming into the region.

Image Name Position Type Size Population Controlled By Homeworld
Nyrvona Nyrvona 3, 5 Cold/toxic Atmosphere 6x6 22,096,770 Eidola Pirates -
Cha Raaba Cha Raaba 7, 5 Sun 30x30 0 - -
Codian Moon Codian Moon 8, 7 Moon 3x3 26,406,574 Knights of the Fountain -
Ylesia Ylesia 9, 7 Temperate/breathable 8x8 35,612,355 Eidola Pirates -
Image Name Position Type Owner
Trading II Centre Point - Pozz T2 11, 9 Trading II Centrepoint Space Station
R&D III Cha Raaba R&D 3 10, 9 R&D III Eidola Pirates
Medical Factory Station Codian Pharmaceutical Workshop 6, 7 Medical Factory Station Knights of the Fountain
Recycling III Codian Recycling Station 6, 6 Recycling III Knights of the Fountain
R&D III Codian Research Center 8, 9 R&D III Knights of the Fountain
Shipyard II Codian Shipyard II 7, 8 Shipyard II Knights of the Fountain
Shipyard III Codian Shipyard III 8, 7 Shipyard III Knights of the Fountain
Trading I Codian Trading Station 8, 8 Trading I Knights of the Fountain
X7 Factory Station Codian X7 Foundry 7, 6 X7 Factory Station Knights of the Fountain
Hospital Platform XQ-2 Knights Hospital Platform 6, 8 Hospital Platform XQ-2 Knights of the Fountain
Golan II Knights Keep 0, 0 Golan II Eidola Pirates
Golan II Knights Tower 7, 7 Golan II Knights of the Fountain
Shipyard I Ylesia SY1 N 9, 6 Shipyard I Eidola Pirates
Shipyard I Ylesia SY1 S 9, 8 Shipyard I Eidola Pirates
Shipyard I Ylesia SY1 SE 10, 8 Shipyard I Eidola Pirates
Shipyard II Ylesia SY2 E 10, 7 Shipyard II Eidola Pirates
Shipyard II Ylesia SY2 NW 8, 6 Shipyard II Eidola Pirates
Shipyard IV Ylesia SY4 9, 7 Shipyard IV Eidola Pirates