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Last Updated: Year 16 Day 364
System: Gravan
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Sector: Prackla

Coordinates: (152, 157)

Suns: 1

Planets: 8

Stations: 8

Population: 5,891,567,748

Controlled By: Trade Federation

The Khomm system is rather close to the Galactic Core, but the Khommites have had little contact with anyone outside their own society. This is because the Khommites are cloners, and while they have their own reasons for not wanting us around, plenty of people still remember the Clone Wars. There are many books and pamphlets that can be found throughout the Galactic Empire, preaching about the gross violations of anti-cloning laws on the Khommites' home planet of Khomm. It is said that they clone everything, from themselves, to the animals in their environment. No one really knows why they do this, but it is believed because they have a very strong sense of what is "right" in their environment. Even their cities are the same, street-by-street and block-by-block, laid down in perfect symmetry and duplicity. Thus they are always cloning things to keep everything the same, which has led them to create a very high level of cloning technology, if not the highest.

Thankfully, for those opposed to cloning, the Khommite are happy to stay on their own planet. This leaves the rest of the system in control of the Imperial Mining Conglomerate, and is currently being exploited for the citizens of the Empire. The exception is the rogue moon of Aar' iku, which has no exploitable properties, and is currently passing out of this system at 139 kilometers a year. Due to its slow departure, some scientists believe the planetoid will not make it out of the system, but will be sufficiently slowed by the local sun's gravitational pull as to become a permanent resident of this system.

Image Name Position Type Size Population Controlled By Homeworld
Gravan Five Gravan Five 4, 6 Gas Giant 16x16 5,283,970,806 Trade Federation -
Gravan Three Gravan Three 6, 13 Cold/toxic Atmosphere 6x6 15,879,819 Trade Federation -
Gravan Two Gravan Two 7, 9 Cold/breathable 7x7 17,371,176 Trade Federation -
Gravan Seven Gravan Seven 7, 18 Hot/toxic Atmosphere 6x6 13,774,874 Trade Federation -
Gravan Gravan 9, 12 Sun 30x30 0 - -
Gravan One Gravan One 12, 14 Cold/no Atmosphere 5x5 5,417,892 Trade Federation -
Gravan Six Gravan Six 14, 3 Gas Giant 16x16 440,427,932 Trade Federation -
Gravan Four Gravan Four 14, 8 Temperate/breathable 11x11 111,017,757 Trade Federation -
Aar' iku Aar' iku 18, 17 Cold/no Atmosphere 3x3 3,707,492 Trade Federation -
Image Name Position Type Owner
Golan II TFSS Aar' iku Defender 18, 17 Golan II Trade Federation
Golan II TFSS Gravan Five Defender 4, 6 Golan II Trade Federation
Golan II TFSS Gravan Four Defender 14, 8 Golan II Trade Federation
Golan II TFSS Gravan One Defender 12, 14 Golan II Trade Federation
Golan II TFSS Gravan Seven Defender 7, 18 Golan II Trade Federation
Golan II TFSS Gravan Six Defender 14, 3 Golan II Trade Federation
Golan II TFSS Gravan Three Defender 6, 13 Golan II Trade Federation
Golan II TFSS Gravan Two Defender 7, 9 Golan II Trade Federation