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Last Updated: Year 16 Day 364
System: Lantillies
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Sector: Lantillian

Coordinates: (195, 140)

Suns: 1

Moons: 2

Planets: 2

Stations: 4

Population: 25,214,349

Controlled By: None

The Chorios system lies in the Meridian Sector and is actually a group of five stars. It should have been mapped as five different systems, but they weren't, because of the close position of the stars and the complex influence of their gravity fields on the nearest planets and on one another.

Because of its unusual gravity conditions, the system is of great interest to scientists from all over the galaxy. In normal systems the planets go around a single sun in perfect ellipses, but here their orbit is partially deformed at the position, which bring a planet close to the neighboring star.

The Chorios system remained uninhabited for centuries, though there are two planets with ideal conditions for colonizing. Brachnis Chorios and Peddicus Chorios both have breathable atmosphere and moderate temperature range. The planets aren't very large, but a few cities were eventually established on their surface without any serious danger for the environment.

Brachnis Chorios has it's own moon which is registered as XR-564412-01B.

The system also includes an asteroid field, registered as XRV-519249651-2C1. Presumably the asteroids are the remains of another body that once orbited one of the five suns, but had a much shorter geological life-span than its sister planets.

Another remarkable feature of the Chorios system is the Chorios Hell. A small moon orbiting the Chorios I star, the planetoid basks in the searing heat of the nearby star, which causes its surface temperatures to be high enough that most non-synthetic materials are reduced to ash before ever reaching its fiery surface.

Other planets of the system include two gas giants, Gast Chorios and Almeyda, a cold planet of Num Chorios and four hot planets: Ampliquen, Hord Chorios, Budpock, King`s Galquek and the last five of them have breathable atmospheres.

Image Name Position Type Size Population Controlled By Homeworld
Lantillies Sun Lantillies Sun 2, 4 Sun 30x30 0 - -
Lantillies I Companion Lantillies I Companion 5, 10 Moon 3x3 0 - -
Lantillies I Lantillies I 7, 11 Hot/breathable 8x8 50,338 - -
Lantillies Lantillies 15, 5 Cold/breathable 7x7 15,738,049 - -
Lantillies Moon Lantillies Moon 15, 6 Moon 3x3 9,425,962 - -
Image Name Position Type Owner
Trading II Lantillies I Station 7, 11 Trading II Captain Zingari Rognir
Trading II Trading Station - Lantillies - Open 15, 5 Trading II Sebastian O`Connor
Trading II [GSE] Lantillian Trade - Public 9, 6 Trading II The Galactic Stock Exchange
Trading II [MEC] Mecrotica Free Trade Lantillies 10, 10 Trading II The Angry Rancor Distribution Company