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Last Updated: Year 16 Day 364
System: Epsom

Sector: Quiberon

Coordinates: (376, -184)

Suns: 1

Asteroid Fields: 2

Planets: 1

Stations: 2

Population: 27,244,919

Controlled By: The Krath

Space Combat: PvE

Ground Combat: PvE

Sector Map

The Epsom system lies on the far eastern borders of the Outer Rim systems, far from the galactic core and thus far from most of civilization. One of the oldest systems in the sector, the Epsom system is home to a brown dwarf near the end of its life cycle. Reduced to a fraction of its original size, the star at the heart of the system produces minuscule quantities of light and heat, making the system inhospitable for natural life. With reduced lighting available from the dying star, navigation in Epsom is more challenging. Pilots must rely almost entirely on sensors to find their way through the void of space. While direct collisions with other starships are rare, rogue asteroids ejected from the nearby asteroid belt are nearly impossible to track within the infinite void and pose a constant threat.

Mining and geological surveys of the singular remaining planet and its astrological bodies suggest, however, that the Epsom system may have been once teeming with life, but what remains is now outright hostile to it. The failing star sends out rare but violent solar flares that can destabilize shields and environmental systems, leaving vessels even more vulnerable in an already violent place. Updated astrogation charts are broadcast on a regular basis from a local station within the system, showing the last known location of derelict wrecks, asteroids, and other astrological debris that may pose a risk to pilots entering the system—the system's first and often only courtesy to the unprepared.

Image Name Position Type Size Population Controlled By Homeworld Travel Planner
Epsom Sun Epsom Sun 4, 3 Sun 30x30 0 - -
Epsom Epsom 6, 8 Cold/no Atmosphere 4x4 621,066 The Krath -
Epsom Asteroid Belt II Epsom Asteroid Belt II 9, 8 Asteroid Field 1x1 4,391 - -
Epsom Asteroid Belt I Epsom Asteroid Belt I 11, 11 Asteroid Field 3x3 26,619,462 The Krath -
Image Name Position Type Owner
Depot Station IV D4 Epsom 7,6 7, 6 Depot Station IV Talak Kasra
Trading II Epsom Station 8, 10 Trading II The Krath
Name Collected Data Speed Modifier Owner
Epsom to Quiberon Hyperlane 32 Data Blocks 0.7% Public
Epsom to Tatoo Hyperlane 18 Data Blocks 0.3% Public
Epsom to Argovia Hyperlane 15 Data Blocks 0.3% Public
Epsom to Lyran Hyperlane 9 Data Blocks 0.2% Public