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Last Updated: Year 16 Day 364
System: Ank Kit`aar
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Sector: Druess

Coordinates: (145, -207)

Suns: 1

Planets: 3

Stations: 5

Population: 55,815,528

Controlled By: Falleen Federation

In the Dufilvian cluster, in a south-westerly direction of the Core, lies the Loronar system, one of eleven systems within Falleen Federation controlled space. The system itself is centered on a “K5” class main sequence star called Ul Yan, orbited by five planets, two of which have a breathable atmosphere and harbour indigenous life forms.

Given the colder nature of the “K” class orange star, the ecosphere lies closer to it than is the norm for single sun systems. The closest planet to the sun is Loronar, orbited by its twin moons Librio and Espada. Loronar is a Type 1 planet with an axial tilt of 30°, with Librio orbiting closely while Espada circles at an extreme lunar orbit. It is commonly referred to as the secondary capital of the Falleen Federation; such is the influence and wealth of the planet. The world is also heavily industrialized with a large population, though for all that there is little pollution and the natural wildlife remains largely undisturbed.

The next two planets within this system are both gas giants, Ul Nasr and Ulugbek, which are both hydrogen based giants. Ul Nasr is a largely uninteresting gas giant, having no floating cities and very little mining interests, though there is a very small research post in it’s outer atmosphere, studying it to determine why it is so much smaller than the other gas giants in the system.

Ulugbek is much larger than the first and is a renowned tourist attraction with a floating city in a habitable zone within its lower atmosphere. The city “Dack’s Demise” boasts a bewildering array of casinos, nightclubs, bars, restaurants and hotels, centering its industry almost entirely around tourism, and with good reason. The most famous of the hotels is the galaxy renowned “Obsidian Rainbow”, which advertises luxury first class accommodation for all, and a truly spectacular observation deck for viewing the magnificent atmospheric conditions in comfort.

The fourth planet is out of place, considering that it is beyond the expected habitable zone for this system. Ulrike is a Type 6 planet, its location on the outer edge of the stellar ecosphere and its axial tilt of only 10° gives it a cold, sub-arctic condition with minimal seasonality. Ulrike is also home to many hospitals and medical research facilities, as well as various military training complexes. It is recommended by the Federal Health Authorities that you make sure that you are up to date with your inoculations before you visit, as there are several virulent diseases that are indigenous to the planet, and quarantine laws are strictly enforced.

The last planet is also a gas giant, Uluru, this one a hydrogen compound giant surrounded by a complex ring system made up of rocks, asteroids and dust particles. Twice a year, fighter jockeys and racers come here in starfighters to “race the rings”, an extremely dangerous high speed race through the gas giant’s ring system. While officially illegal due to its highly dangerous nature, it is generally overlooked by the local authorities and is a popular place for people to enjoy themselves, despite the occasional fatalities that occur.

The system has had a long and turbulent history, having been the focus for a number of skirmishes between the Imperial and Falleen Federation navies on a number of occasions. There have also been several attempts by various pirate navies and groups to establish a foothold, but the Falleen have always come down hard on them, usually resulting in the complete destruction of the pirate forces. There was an attempt once by pirates to set up a hidden supply depot on Ulrike, but this was quickly wiped out by the same viruses that had almost killed off the early colonial efforts some centuries before.

The Loronar system is controlled by the Falleen Federation, but was governed by Loronar Security for a long time until recently being turned back over to direct Federal rule, and is the primary centre of commerce for the sector outside the Falleen system itself. With several large corporations based here and a large overall population, this system is a definite port of call for those looking for information, work, or perhaps to just have a good time.

Image Name Position Type Size Population Controlled By Homeworld
Ank Kit`aar III Ank Kit`aar III 4, 4 Cold/toxic Atmosphere 12x12 48,197,921 Falleen Federation -
Ank Kit`aar II Ank Kit`aar II 8, 2 Gas Giant 18x18 5,523,994 Falleen Federation -
Ank Kit`aar Ank Kit`aar 10, 4 Temperate/breathable 8x8 2,093,613 Falleen Federation -
Ank Kit`aar Sun Ank Kit`aar Sun 12, 8 Sun 30x30 0 - -
Image Name Position Type Owner
Shipyard III FFI Hunauviac Yard 7, 6 Shipyard III Falleen Federation
Shipyard III FFI Spica Yard VI 6, 5 Shipyard III Falleen Federation
Shipyard III FFI Spica Yard VII 8, 5 Shipyard III Falleen Federation
Shipyard III FFI Spica Yard VIII 7, 4 Shipyard III Falleen Federation
Trading I FGC Ank Kit`aar Depot 6, 9 Trading I Falleen Federation