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This map shows the top 45 public hyperlanes in the galaxy, ordered by efficiency.

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Top Hyperlane Table

Cortina to Endor Hyperlane [Efficiency: 99%]Taanab to Cortina Hyperlane [Efficiency: 99%]Csilla to Ansion Hyperlane [Efficiency: 97%]
Petabys Conflict Zone to Serroco Hyperlane [Efficiency: 95%]Sneeve to Daltarra Hyperlane [Efficiency: 91%]Republica to Tythe Hyperlane [Efficiency: 91%]
Malastare to Spindrift Hyperlane [Efficiency: 90%]Dail to Tantra Hyperlane [Efficiency: 89%]Ord Trasi to Lantillies Hyperlane [Efficiency: 89%]
Kamino to Istic Hyperlane [Efficiency: 88%]Tepasi to Trunska Hyperlane [Efficiency: 88%]Artesia to Opoku Hyperlane [Efficiency: 87%]
Petabys Conflict Zone to Derra Hyperlane [Efficiency: 86%]Venedlia to Nulan Hyperlane [Efficiency: 85%]Tynnani to Sneeve Hyperlane [Efficiency: 85%]
Desargorr to Moobia Hyperlane [Efficiency: 84%]Ma`ar Shaddam to Pelgrin Hyperlane [Efficiency: 83%]Dagobah to Lol Hyperlane [Efficiency: 82%]
Tynnani to Lorell Hyperlane [Efficiency: 81%]Candoria to Zuni Cluster Hyperlane [Efficiency: 78%]Gekto to Candoria Hyperlane [Efficiency: 77%]
Tythe to Polordio Hyperlane [Efficiency: 77%]Lol to Lorahns Hyperlane [Efficiency: 77%]N`zoth to Vorsia Hyperlane [Efficiency: 76%]
Arbran to Birjis Hyperlane [Efficiency: 75%]Leritor to Gyndine Hyperlane [Efficiency: 75%]Gekto to Ord Cantrell Hyperlane [Efficiency: 75%]
Foless to Eberon Hyperlane [Efficiency: 75%]Lorahns to Xagobah Hyperlane [Efficiency: 75%]New Apsolon to Belnar Hyperlane [Efficiency: 74%]
Loedorvia to Cularin Hyperlane [Efficiency: 73%]Zuni Cluster to Tatoo Hyperlane [Efficiency: 73%]Japrael to Yavin Hyperlane [Efficiency: 73%]
Chorios to Otunia Hyperlane [Efficiency: 72%]Desargorr to Venaari Hyperlane [Efficiency: 70%]Xo to Otunia Hyperlane [Efficiency: 70%]
Tynnani to Dallenor Hyperlane [Efficiency: 70%]Okyaab to Moobia Hyperlane [Efficiency: 70%]Thanos to Yavin Hyperlane [Efficiency: 70%]
Otunia to Kattellyn Hyperlane [Efficiency: 69%]Asher to Xo Hyperlane [Efficiency: 69%]Fokask to Tatoo Hyperlane [Efficiency: 69%]
Abraxas to Drup Hyperlane [Efficiency: 68%]Lantillies to Nimban Hyperlane [Efficiency: 67%]Istic to Sanza Hyperlane [Efficiency: 66%]