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This map shows the top 45 public hyperlanes in the galaxy, ordered by length.

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Top Hyperlane Table

Desargorr to Harloen Hyperlane [Length: 200]Harrin to Thoadeye Hyperlane [Length: 200]Phu to Riflorii Hyperlane [Length: 200]
Charmath to Horuz Hyperlane [Length: 200]Devaron to Callos Hyperlane [Length: 200]Torque to Moobia Hyperlane [Length: 200]
Cyborrea to Dressel Hyperlane [Length: 200]Ansion to Tsoss Beacon Hyperlane [Length: 200]Csilla to Ansion Hyperlane [Length: 200]
Kinyen to Lelmra Hyperlane [Length: 200]New Plympto to Thanos Hyperlane [Length: 199]Eberon to Daltarra Hyperlane [Length: 199]
Venaari to Morobe Hyperlane [Length: 199]Cortina to Endor Hyperlane [Length: 199]Fondor to Riflorii Hyperlane [Length: 198]
Taanab to Cortina Hyperlane [Length: 198]Vaxal to Huldamun Hyperlane [Length: 198]Dressel to Celegia Hyperlane [Length: 198]
Gyndine to Prine Hyperlane [Length: 198]Riflorii to Procopia Hyperlane [Length: 198]Hiit to Asher Hyperlane [Length: 198]
Malastare to Savareen Hyperlane [Length: 198]Urce to Kushibah Hyperlane [Length: 197]Carlac to Altora Hyperlane [Length: 197]
Asrat to Prindaar Hyperlane [Length: 197]Cal to Endor Hyperlane [Length: 197]Serroco to Morobe Hyperlane [Length: 196]
Malastare to Black Nebula Hyperlane [Length: 196]Uogo`cor to Derra Hyperlane [Length: 196]Lorell to Mennaalii Hyperlane [Length: 196]
Artesia to New Holstice Hyperlane [Length: 196]Both to Vaxal Hyperlane [Length: 196]Japrael to Feriae Hyperlane [Length: 196]
Tsoss Beacon to Derra Hyperlane [Length: 196]Endor to Lamuir Hyperlane [Length: 195]Dallenor to Ast Kikorie Hyperlane [Length: 195]
Okyaab to Hiit Hyperlane [Length: 195]Prindaar to Koiogra Hyperlane [Length: 195]Bright Jewel to Besqek Hyperlane [Length: 195]
Japrael to Yavin Hyperlane [Length: 195]Chad to Okyaab Hyperlane [Length: 195]Trenwyth to Devaron Hyperlane [Length: 195]
Foless to Eberon Hyperlane [Length: 194]Derra to Tythe Hyperlane [Length: 194]Bes to Zolan Hyperlane [Length: 194]