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Squads allow players and their entities to move around as a single entity. Each entity within the group follows the character, who acts as the squad Leader.

Every squad is allowed up to 12 squad slots. For ground squads, the player does not count towards this 12 capacity.

Each entity has its own different slot size cost, and you may mix and match entity types.


Joe Bob is on the ground preparing to ready a squad for combat. He has with him, an assortment of droids, NPCs, and creatures of varying slot sizes. Since the maximum he can bring into one squad is 12, he brings:

  • Himself - Players do not count against the maximum for ground squads
  • 12 Battle Droids - Battle Droids have a slot size of .5, meaning they are only 6 slots large
  • 1 Eopie - Slot size of 1
  • 5 NPW Troops - All NPCs have a slot size of 1
  • 6+1+5= 12 Slots + Joe Bob

Vehicles and Ships work in the same fashion. However, the slot cost of the entity you are piloting will count towards the 12 slots.

As a squad leader you may add:

  • Entities you are the supervisor/pilot of.
  • Prisoners who are arrested.
  • Players who are unconscious.
  • The squad leader may kick any member of the squad
  • Any members of the squad kicked will remain at their current location

If the entity you are entering does not have enough room to contain your squad then the portion that did not fit will be left outside.