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Production: Facility Construction
To begin construction you must:
  • Be standing still in a city
  • Be standing adjacent to where you wish the facility to be
  • Have at least one worker NPC at your location (maximum of 10)
  • Have sufficient credits (yourself or your faction)
  • Have materials for construction, owned by you or your faction, located in a ship, vehicle or facility (only: Warehouse, Hangar, Landing Pad, Factory, Mine, Recycling Plant, Sith Temple, Jedi Praxeum, Silo, Alazhi Farm, Bacta Refinement Facility, Dry Dock, Naval Shipyard, Port, Starport, Lab) that is in the city
  • If you are going to be using faction raw materials, you need "Assign & Merge Raw Materials" privilege.
  • Be the owner, commander, pilot or on the crewlist of the ship, vehicle or facility containing the materials
  • Have 'Manage Facilities' level 2 or greater, if building for your faction
  • Be the owner of the city or have build permissions from the owner
You may build as many facilities as you like. Once construction has started you are free to move around, leave the city or start building another facility.
Submitting a request to build requires you to be standing still in the city you wish to build in and to enter the following data:
  • Facility Type
  • Coordinates
  • Orientation
  • Owner
Once permission is granted by the city owner you may start construction of the facility.
Some facilities have more than one image that you will have to choose from when building. In the future certain planets, or planets with certain stats, will have different facility images. Example: a planet with a low civilisation level might have a hut instead of a duracrete personal residence.
Every facility, except for 1x1 Wall, 1x1 Trench, 20x20 Imperial Palace, 1x1 Gate, 1x5 Wall, 1x10 Wall, 1x19 Wall, 20x20 B`omarr monastery, 20x20 Wildlife Preserve, must have roads on at least two sides in order to separate it from other facilities. Where two sides of roads meet, the corner piece between them will be made a road if no facility is present there. The corner pieces are optional, however, so having a facility occupying one or more of them will not block construction. At this time roads provide no bonuses and have no influence on anything other than facility spacing.

Roads are free to build, they cost nothing and require no materials, and are built instantly. A piece of road may be destroyed if the facilities it is adjacent to has roads on at least two other sides. They can be destroyed by being in the city and going to Production > Facility Construction > Roads. Anyone who is assigned Administrator or Chief Commissioner of a city can modify roads.

The workers who will build the facility are selected from a pool of NPCs and Droids who are at your location, they don't need to be in your party. But they do need to either be owned by you, assigned to you as commander or supervisor, or owned/assigned to your faction where you have the Assign NPCs privilege. If workers are building a facility you will be unable to start construction on another facility if it will occupy the area in which they are located. Once construction has started you do not need to stay with the workers, they will continue to work on their own.

NPC Types that can Construct

Droid Types that can Construct
LEP Servant Droid
MK-series Maintenance Droid
Pit Droid
SE-2 Worker Droid
Techno-service Droid
WED-Series 'Treadwell'
To build in a city you, or your faction, must be the owner. If you wish to build for your faction they must be the owner, if you wish to build for yourself you must be the owner.

Nothing bigger than 5x5

Hidden Cities
Nothing bigger than 3x5 (except for: factory, hospital, mine, training academy, alazhi farm, Command Centre, walls)

Cities built in caves have unbuildable areas due to stalactites/stalagmites, these are represented on the map by a semi-transparent red square.
  • May not exceed 3x5 in size (except for Mines)
  • NONE of the following: KDY V150, LNR 1, LNR 2, Shield Generator and Dry Dock
The owner of the facility, or a member of the faction owning the facility with appropriate privileges, may abort construction of a facility at any time, from any location. When aborting from the Facility Construction interface in the city there is the option to return unused materials to a ship, vehicle or facility (of type: warehouse, hangar, landing pad, factory, mine, recycling plant, silo). Only one may be selected. If the materials exceed the Weight/Volume Capacity of the entity the materials that did not fit will be lost. When construction is aborted the roads built are not removed.
Time to Abort = Lower of(Elapsed Time, 24 hours) + 6 hours
Materials Returned = Percentage Left to Complete - 10%
Anything that exists within the construction site will be moved to your location, or not, according to the following rules. This only applies to when construction is beginning.

PCs & NPCs: Worker NPCs who are actively building a facility will not be moved
Ships & Vehicles: Are not moved if the pilot is an active player and set as the active pilot
Traveling Entities: An entity currently moving through the area of the construction site will block construction. Entities who will be moving through the construction site but who are not yet within the area will have their travel aborted.
Descending Entities: Will block construction until they have descended, at which point they will fall under the rules regarding Ships & Vehicles
When a worker working on a construction project is removed from the project the time to complete the project is recalculated. If all workers on a project are no longer present then construction is halted and the owner of the facility is informed. They, or the individual who started the construction, must return to the construction site with more workers in order to continue construction. Continuing construction is done from Position > Actions.

You can also Pause and Resume construction remotely from the Facility Management page, under "Under Construction".
When you have available workers at your location, and are on a square that borders a facility currently under construction (not paused or aborted), you have the ability to add more workers to the construction project to the maximum of 10 workers. This can be performed from the Position > Party page. Check the worker you want to add and use the drop down Command Menu to get them to join.
  • HQ Facilities: Are automatically protected.
  • Facility Income Facilities: Are set to 'Open To All'.
((Material Sum) / 48) * (1 - (Management Skill/50)) Quantity of NPCs * max(1.1 - Civ Level, 0.5) * Random
  • Quantity of Materials
  • Management Skill of Builder
  • Number of NPC Workers
  • (1.1 - Planet Civilisation Level) - minimum value of 0.5
  • Random (0.9...1.1)
The above equation returns the number of days it takes to build the facility.
[(Material Cost) * (1 + Crime) * (2 - Morale) * random] + [(Material Cost) * Tax Level]
  • Raw Material Price of required materials
  • Crime Level
  • Morale Level
  • Random (1.0...1.05)
  • Tax level
The XP gained by the player that started construction and the NPCs involved is determined by the following equation.
2 + rounddown(Raw Material Price / 10000)

All facility construction XP gains are currently set to 130% of the normal value.

Refer to the Cities: Power_&_Cities rules section.