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Last Updated: Year 22 Day 283
Production: Station Construction
To begin construction you must be:
  • You must not be traveling
  • Have at least one builder NPC supervised by you in the entrance/exit room of your ship
  • You (or your faction) must have enough credits
  • Have sufficient raw materials located in one or more ships in the same square or an adjacent square, or in a station in an adjacent square
  • Own, or have "Assign Raw Materials" privileges for Raw Materials
  • The owner, commander, pilot or on the crewlist of the ship containing the materials
  • Have 'Manage Space Stations' level 2 or greater, if building for your faction
  • Have permission from the group controlling the system/planet (where applicable)
  • At coordinates where there are no other stations*
  • In possession of the datacard for the station type you wish to build
* For the time being stations are restricted to 1 per square. This is open to change at a later date. Wrecked stations do not count so you may build a station at the location of a wrecked station.

You may build as many stations as you like at once. Once construction has started you are free to move around, leave the system or start building another station.
Submitting a request to build requires you to be in the system you wish to build in and to enter the following data:
  • Station Type
  • Coordinates
  • Owner
If you are building above a planet you need permission from the planet controller, if you are building elsewhere in a system you need permission from the system controller, if building in deep space you need permission from no one. Once permission is granted you may start construction of the station.
The NPCs who will build the station are selected from NPCs of the type Builder who are at your location, they don't need to be in your party. In order for the NPCs to appear in the list of available builders, you must also be assigned as their Supervisor, and they cannot be arrested or unconscious, or in someone else's party. The NPC foreman will report to you at critical points in the construction process. Once construction has started you do not need to stay with the NPCs, they will continue to work on their own. You may use between 1 and 25 NPCs.
You can Pause and Resume construction remotely from the Station Management page, under "Under Construction".
The Builder, or someone with higher privileges, may abort construction of a station at any time, from any location. When aborting there is the option to return unused materials to a ship at the location of the station, only one may be selected. If the materials exceed the Weight/Volume Capacity of the ship the materials that did not fit will be lost. After construction abort has finished the NPCs will appear in a pod, named 'Construction Worker Pod', at the location the station previously occupied or onboard the ship that materials were loaded on to.
Time to Abort = (Time Remaining * 1.25) + 6 hours
Materials Returned = Percentage Left to Complete - 10%
((Material Sum) / 250) * (1 - (NPCs/250))^Management * (1 - (Civilisation Level / 5)) * Random
  • Quantity of Materials
  • Management Skill of Builder
  • Number of NPC Builders (1 - 25)
  • Civilisation Level (0 - 1)
  • Random (0.9..1.1)

The above equation returns the number of days it takes to build the station.

When in system the CL is the average of the CL on populated planets in the system, when over a planet it is the CL of the planet, when not in a system it is 0.

[(Material Cost) * (1 + Crime) * (2 - Morale) * random] + [(Material Cost) * Tax Level]
  • Material Cost = Raw Material Price of required materials
  • Crime Level*
  • Morale Level*
  • Random (1.0...1.05)
  • Tax level

* When in a system the Crime/Morale is the average of the values for populated planets in the system, when above a planet it is the values for the planet, when not in a system, morale, crime and tax are 0.

The XP gained by the player that started construction and the NPCs involved is determined by the following equation.
50 + (Raw Material Price / 100000)

All station construction XP gains are currently set to 150% of the normal value.