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Last Updated: Year 16 Day 364
System: Colu

Sector: Mayagil

Coordinates: (55, -350)

Suns: 1

Asteroid Fields: 1

Planets: 6

Stations: 8

Population: 29,096,911

Controlled By: Rebel Alliance

Sector Map

One of five known systems within the Mayagil sector, the Colu system is composed of six planets, one asteroid field, and one star. The star, Colu, exhibits no special or unique characteristics. A relatively empty system, many who first arrive in Colu are stunned to see very little traffic into or out of the area. Considering that the system contains the homeworld of the technologically-advanced Bith species, it is easy to understand the confusion.

The absence of major megalopolises within the Colu system is due to the system being considered cursed. The original Bith homeworld of Clak'Dor VII was devastated after a civil war among the species. Two of their original colony worlds, Clak'Dor IV and VI, were nearly wiped out due to disease and natural disasters. Rumors abound of a second sentient race that once lived on one of the other planets, but all trace of them is long gone. Even superstitious pirates and smugglers are reluctant to set up operations within the boundaries of the system, and because of Colu's remote location and mostly non-human presence, no real attempts have been made to help the system recover and develop.

Because of the biological devastation that the Bith have suffered within the system, every ship is vigorously scanned before being allowed to approach any planet. No unknown biological entity is allowed on either the homeworld or the colonies. Ships heading to Clak'Dor VII are strongly encouraged to stay on established routes as deviation leaves the craft susceptible to terrific winds. There are no unauthorized landings outside of the cities on Clak'Dor VII.

There is at least one source of great economic value for the Colu system, and that is the planet of Clak'Dor II. A few mining companies have sent ships to the system's closest planet to the sun, but after the loss of two survey ships to the intense radiation of the star, most are reluctant to go back anytime soon.

Image Name Position Type Size Population Controlled By Homeworld
Clak'Dor V Clak'Dor V 2, 14 Gas Giant 17x17 1,017,078 Rebel Alliance -
Clak'Dor IV Clak'Dor IV 4, 10 Temperate/breathable 8x8 1,748,252 The Krath -
Colu Colu 5, 13 Sun 30x30 0 - -
Clak'Dor II Clak'Dor II 6, 12 Cold/toxic Atmosphere 10x10 1,082,474 Rebel Alliance -
ClakDor III ClakDor III 6, 15 Hot/breathable 7x7 1,001,068 Rebel Alliance -
Clak'dor VI Remnants Clak'dor VI Remnants 12, 13 Asteroid Field 1x1 47,180 Rebel Alliance -
Clak'Dor VI Clak'Dor VI 16, 2 Temperate/breathable 12x12 23,178,414 Rebel Alliance -
Clak'Dor VII Clak'Dor VII 16, 10 Cold/breathable 5x5 1,022,445 Rebel Alliance Bith
Image Name Position Type Owner
Golan II Colu Defender 2, 10 Golan II Rebel Alliance
Golan II Colu Defender 2, 17 Golan II Rebel Alliance
Golan II Colu Defensive Space Station 6, 10 Golan II Rebel Alliance
Trading II Mayagil Depot 4, 10 Trading II Frezt Raleigh
Trading II MST Clak'Dor II Orbital 6, 12 Trading II Rebel Alliance
Trading I MST Clak'Dor VI Orbital 16, 2 Trading I Rebel Alliance
Trading II MST Colu Trading 9, 9 Trading II Rebel Alliance
Trading I MST Colu Trading Post 9, 8 Trading I Rebel Alliance
Name Collected Data Speed Modifier Owner
Colu to Spindrift Hyperlane 55 Data Blocks 0.8% Public
Colu to Malastare Hyperlane 3 Data Blocks 0% Public