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Last Updated: Year 16 Day 364
System: Shulstine
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Sector: Barma

Coordinates: (42, 120)

Suns: 1

Planets: 5

Stations: 3

Population: 33,009,749

Controlled By: Galactic Empire

Sector Map

The Shulstine system lies in the Barma sector. The system is located in the Colonies region, which is between the Core worlds and Inner Rim. The system is officially controlled by the Galactic Empire although there are also neutral settlements. The Shulstine system is compromised of five planets plus the system's sun. None of the planets hold any moons. There are no asteroid belts or other major sources of debris. Although each of the planets are unique, none in the system pose any threat to travel, therefore it is generally considered to be an easy travel system. The system was home to one of the larger swoop race circuits, known as the Colonies 940. This was a very popular circuit for spectators due to the high speeds that swoops could obtain as well as the planet's beautiful scenery. Although the races were very popular at the start of the Imperial occupation, the races were brought to an abrupt halt.

The system's most notable planet is Shulstine I, the most populated in the system. The occupants are great lovers of life, even with the presence of the Imperial occupants. The planet is a tourist attraction for the beauty of the local landscape as well as the interest in the inhabitants’ culture.

The most interesting people of the planet are the Tinn’lyi, who take their name from the Tinn’lyis mountains they call home. The people of Shulstine I have developed symbiotic relationships with a native animal on the planet called a Selligore. There are select members of the culture that even venture to the planet Shulstine V in order to tame the native creatures of that planet.

The system is home to extreme opposites. From the Shulstine V where temperatures drop so low and gravity is so intense that it makes colonization difficult, to the gas giant Shulstine IV where temperatures are so intensely hot that the core conditions are unknown because no scientific instruments are able to survive long enough to take readings. The system has planets that do not have solid cores, and the system is also home to the planet Shulstine III where the gravity is so strong that most beings have trouble moving around on its surface. The system is home to the planet that has been named by the planetary survey committee as the most uninhabitable planet in the galaxy, to the other end of the spectrum Shulstine I which is one of the most beautiful cityscapes in the galaxy.

Image Name Position Type Size Population Controlled By Homeworld
Shulstine IV Shulstine IV 5, 9 Gas Giant 18x18 1,243,530 Galactic Empire -
Shulstine II Shulstine II 9, 5 Cold/toxic Atmosphere 9x9 1,071,424 Galactic Empire -
Shulstine V Shulstine V 9, 15 Cold/breathable 12x12 1,071,424 Galactic Empire -
Shulstine Sun Shulstine Sun 13, 1 Sun 30x30 0 - -
Shulstine I Shulstine I 14, 3 Hot/breathable 8x8 28,337,716 Galactic Empire -
Shulstine III Shulstine III 14, 9 Cold/breathable 8x8 1,285,655 Galactic Empire -
Image Name Position Type Owner
Trading II Shulstine Commercial Depot 10, 17 Trading II Galactic Empire
Medical Factory Station Shulstine Medical Factory 9, 15 Medical Factory Station Galactic Empire
Recycling IV Shulstine Recycling Depot 5, 9 Recycling IV Galactic Empire