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Movement: Crewlist

A crewlist is a list of all the crew members who are authorized to board, dock, or perform other functions related to a particular ship, facility, or station. Many features within the galaxy may require a Character, NPC, Droid, or Creature to be part of the crewlist to perform specific functions associated with an entity within the galaxy.

A crewlist can work both like an allow list or a blocklist. A crewlist will take action in the following order and once a match is seen the list checks are stopped and the action for that entity is applied.

  • Blocklist
  • Owner/Commander/Pilot
  • Allow List
  • Default setting
  • Deny All
There are intentional ways to circumvent crewlists for players or factions who wish to do so through the use of other features.

The crewlist can be accessed from two different locations. One is from the inventory of the entity that the player or faction owns, commands, or pilots. The other is from inside the cockpit of the entity that the player or faction wishes to access the crewlist from.

Once you are located in the cockpit or management room of a ship, station, or facility, and you have the correct access to do so, you can enter the entity controls page. Once there, on the top left of the user interface, you will see an overview dropdown for the labled after the entity that you are located in. If you are inside a ship, it will just say "Ship", you will need to look for the correct label for your entity. Once you have located that menu, it will drop down, revealing the crewlist option that can be selected and viewed.

Ship Overview Options

The crewlist screen will display entities that have been granted access or denied access to the viewed entity. From this interface, you can manage the crewlist by adding or denying entities. In the top right corner of this interface is the global option set for the entity and how it deals with characters that are not on any of the checked crew list options.

Ship Crewlist

The inventory has two functions: viewing the crewlist and managing it. First, locate the entity you wish to view. Once the inventory page shows that entity, click 'Show Stats' to access the entity's overview page.

Inventiory Stats

At the bottom of this page, you will find the current crewlist and something that looks like the following. If the crewlist is empty it will be stated there as well.

Ship Overview

You cannot manage the crewlist from this view. To manage it, you must return to the inventory screen and locate the entity again. Once you have found it, go to the bottom of the page and click on the "Inventory Actions" drop-down menu. There will be several options for entity management. Click on the "Modify Crewlist" option to access the menus for managing the entity's crewlist.

Action Dropdown Inventory Crewlist

Whether you manage a crewlist from an entity's cockpit or from the inventory, it doesn't matter. However, the inventory interface offers more flexibility and contains options that do not exist within the cockpit view. Additionally, the inventory interface allows you to manage several entities at once, unlike the cockpit view. Referring to the inventory image above that shows the crewlist options, we have an input box and four options to choose from. Note that only one radio button can be selected at a time and applies to all player(s) or faction(s) entered into the input box.

  • Input Box

    This is where a player's or faction's name will be entered. You can add several names as long as they are separated by a semicolon.

  • Allow Access

    Selecting this option will add the player(s) or faction(s) to the access list, allowing them to board the selected entity/entities.

  • Deny Access

    This is the opposite of the 'Allow Access' option. Selecting this option will deny access to the selected entity/entities, and it is applied before an allow list.

  • Remove

    The 'Remove' option will locate the listed player(s) or faction(s) and remove them from the 'Allow' or 'Deny' list for the selected entity/entities.

  • Remove All

    This option will remove everyone from any crewlist for the selected entity/entities.

The global options are applied last for an entity, with the default being 'Open to CrewList', followed by 'Deny All'. Meaning if you are not on the crewlist you are denied access. To change this, the options interface is located in the inventory action drop-down menu, labeled 'Set Open To'. Selecting this option will bring up a similar selection page as the crewlist manager. The available options are as follows:

  • Open to Crewlist

    This is the default option on most entities and means that anyone on the 'Allowed Access' list will be granted entry to the selected entity/entities. However, even if a character meets this requirement, the 'Deny Access' list is still applied first.

  • Open to Faction

    This option opens the selected entity/entities to be boarded by any and all Faction members.

  • Open to All

    Selecting this option will open the selected entity/entities up for anyone to board. However, the 'Deny Access' list is still applied first, and characters on that list will be prevented from boarding even with this option.