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Movement: Guard Posts

Guard posts are strategically positioned at key entry points to secure facilities, starships, and restricted areas. They are often found at primary entrances, hangar bays, secure chambers, and other critical access points.

A guard will stand at a guard post and plays a critical role in maintaining security at various entrances, ensuring that only authorized individuals gain access to protected areas. Here's an overview of their role and responsibilities:

When an individual approaches the secured entrance, the door guard initiates a meticulous inspection process. Their responsibilities include:

Identity Verification:
The door guard requests identification, such as identification cards, credentials, or biometric scans. They compare this information with a database of authorized personnel to confirm the person's identity.

Physical Inspection:
Simultaneously, the guard visually assesses the individual(s), scanning for any suspicious behavior or concealed items ensuring no unauthorized weapons or devices pass through.

Access Control:
Based on the results of the inspection and identity verification, the door guard makes a critical decision. If all security checks pass and the individual is authorized, the guard grants access by manually opening the door.

Alert and Response:
If the guard detects any concerns, the door guard is trained to respond swiftly. They can trigger alarms, notify security personnel, or take appropriate defensive measures to safeguard the facility.

A guard post is the frontline of security, responsible for maintaining a delicate balance between providing access to authorized personnel and ensuring the safety of the secured area.

Guards are NPCs that can be used to allow automated temporary passage through a locked room door via an NPC interaction, subject to optional restrictions like the presence of weapons, party-members, and other owner-configured settings.

Guards will only allow characters who pass certain criteria through the door. A temporary keycard will be given to allow the character to return through that door, and that door alone. The keycard granted will not give access to move through any other locked doors, regardless of the passcode. The temporary keycard will be removed once the character passes through the guarded door using normal room travel.

All functionality (administrative and passage-granting) will be unavailable if any of the following are true:

  • Guard is no longer in the guard room;
  • The door between the guard room and the teleport room is unlocked or no longer installed;
  • Guard is stunned;

Additionally, the guard post will be shut down and must be re-initiated if:

  • The door between the guard room and the teleport room no longer exists (destroyed, uninstalled)
  • The owner of the Guard and the owner of the entity in which the guard post is set up are no longer identical.
  • The faction-owner of the Guard dissolves.

Conditions to set a Guard to set up a guard post for a room:

  • Only owners, commanders may administer a Guard.
  • There must be a locked door (guarded door) between the room in which the Guard will stand (guard post room) and the room to which temporary passage will be granted (destination room).
  • The Guard and the entity container in which the guard post room must be owned by the same character or faction.
  • For Faction-owned entities, members with Assign Station/Facility/Vehicle/Ship may set up a guard post.
  • The guard must be in the guard room.
  • The guard must not already have an active guard post.

All options can be modified by the manager for the guard and changed to restrict or allow the item class or if parties are allowed to enter.

To manage a guard, the manager must be the owner of both the container and the NPC. If the guard post is owned by a faction, the manager must be assigned as the commander of both the container and the NPC.

Restricting or unrestricting any class of weapon will restrict or unrestrict all classes of weapons.
  • Survival
  • Tools
  • Clothing
  • Armour
  • Storage
  • Computers
  • Medical
  • Weapons (This is a catch all option enabling or disabling the following item classes)
    • Projectiles
    • Non Projectiles
    • Heavy Projectile
    • Explosives
  • Must not be an enemy of the owner of the Guard.
  • Must have a free Utility Slot or Belt Slot to carry the keycard.
  • Must not be carrying any classes of items the guard post restricts
  • Must not have any party members with you, if the guard post restricts parties.
  • If party members are permitted, you may not have:
    • Droids that have weapons (Does not apply if the gard post is not restricting weapons)
    • Creatures

With a properly set up guard, offensive actions targeting the doors in the room being guarded will be blocked until the guard is no longer active or it has been removed from the room being protected.

Visitors will not be able to preform the following actions

  • Lock Breaking
  • Demolitions