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Last Updated: Year 16 Day 364
System: Okyaab
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Sector: Ojoster

Coordinates: (125, 215)

Suns: 1

Planets: 7

Stations: 17

Population: 199,367,820

Controlled By: Mandalore

The Tau Sakar system has been long forgotten by most of the galaxy. It was once a major source for raw materials, and its exotic wildlife was a curiosity to most of the galaxy.

The system is made up of two planets, Abrion Major and its smaller twin sister Abrion Minor. Major has always provided numerous raw materials that have lead to rapid expansion for its rulers, while Minor provided numerous creatures that proved useful in transporting goods.

Long before galactic hyperspace travel came about, a race known as the Sakar dwelled here, mastering crafts that made them the envy, and masters, of many local planets and systems. Tales of the Sakar technology reached the ears of other local groups who wanted the technology for themselves. When this technology was refused to some groups, a sector-wide war broke out. At first the Sakar held the advantage, but they were eventually overwhelmed by superior numbers and the loss of their technological lead. After many years of battle, most of the system lay in ruins, with the Sakar race extinct and Abrion Minor a dead planet.

Today, life has returned to normal in the system, but the scars of war remain. Although the present day Sakar are a technologically backward race because of the war, they have made great strides in repairing their planets and adapting to other galactic civilizations. Some life has returned to Minor, although the planet is still inhospitable to most beings. And Major is slowly becoming the central hub of galactic trade for the entire sector, which will immeasurably increase the benefits for all who call Tau Sakar home.

Image Name Position Type Size Population Controlled By Homeworld
Okyaab 7 Okyaab 7 0, 14 Cold/no Atmosphere 15x15 2,311,780 Mandalore -
Okyaab 3 Okyaab 3 7, 6 Temperate/breathable 10x10 65,046,973 Mandalore -
Okyaab 5 Okyaab 5 8, 16 Gas Giant 18x18 1,243,530 Mandalore -
Okyaab Okyaab 9, 8 Sun 30x30 0 - -
Okyaab 1 Okyaab 1 10, 8 Cold/breathable 11x11 1,065,921 Mandalore -
Okyaab 4 Okyaab 4 11, 12 Hot/breathable 5x5 127,212,556 Mandalore -
Okyaab 2 Okyaab 2 12, 8 Gas Giant 19x19 1,243,530 Mandalore -
Okyaab 6 Okyaab 6 16, 12 Cold/breathable 15x15 1,243,530 Mandalore -
Image Name Position Type Owner
Trading I Centre Point - Mandalorian Trading Okyaab 2, 3 Trading I Centrepoint Space Station
Trading II Kandosii Station 7, 6 Trading II MandalMining
Luxury Space Colony MTO - Mandalorian Trading Outpost 4, 3 Luxury Space Colony [C-1] Ver`alor Cabur Vedge Antilles
Hospital Platform XQ-2 Okyaab 1 Hospital 10, 8 Hospital Platform XQ-2 Mandalore
Golan II Okyaab 2 Cabur 12, 8 Golan II Mandalore
Golan II Okyaab 4 Cabur 11, 12 Golan II Mandalore
Golan II Okyaab 5 Cabur 8, 16 Golan II Mandalore
Golan II Okyaab 6 Cabur 16, 12 Golan II Mandalore
Golan II Okyaab 7 Cabur 0, 14 Golan II Mandalore
Trading II Okyaab Trading 2, 5 Trading II [C-3] Alor`aan Daer`ey`ath Tann
X7 Factory Station Okyaab X7 Alpha 10, 10 X7 Factory Station MandalMotors
X7 Factory Station Okyaab X7 Beta 11, 10 X7 Factory Station MandalMotors
X7 Factory Station Okyaab X7 Ceta 12, 10 X7 Factory Station MandalMotors
Shipyard I Okyaab Yard 1 2, 14 Shipyard I MandalMotors
Shipyard I Okyaab Yard 2 14, 3 Shipyard I MandalMotors
Shipyard I Okyaab Yard 3 14, 2 Shipyard I MandalMotors
Shipyard II Shiprepair Yard "Svarog" 3, 5 Shipyard II [C-3] Alor`aan Tuki Anvareth