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Last Updated: Year 16 Day 364
System: Suurja
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Sector: Ojoster

Coordinates: (100, 215)

Suns: 1

Moons: 1

Asteroid Fields: 4

Planets: 3

Stations: 3

Population: 12,939,144

Controlled By: Mandalore

The Delphon system is located in the center of the Sern Sector between the galactic core and the outer rim. Once a large agricultural trade hub, one of the system's main forms of commerce has come from the recent increase in tourism to the planet Valazog. There is growing interest in the planets of Berethilion, Narmor and Daeuniac due to their vast mineral reserves and this speculation is also anticipated to bring more commerce to the system.

Various outlandish rumors have been spread throughout the galaxy about the Delphon. Some of the more sensational of these include the monstrous swamp beasts of Daeuniac and the pirates hordes infesting the caves of Narmor.

Image Name Position Type Size Population Controlled By Homeworld
Suurja Moon Suurja Moon 4, 6 Moon 2x2 58,138 Mandalore -
Suurja Suurja 5, 5 Temperate/breathable 10x10 10,393,942 Mandalore -
Suurja Asteroid Belt I Suurja Asteroid Belt I 5, 9 Asteroid Field 1x1 1 - -
Suurja Asteroid Belt II Suurja Asteroid Belt II 6, 6 Asteroid Field 1x1 1 - -
Suurja II Suurja II 7, 10 Hot/toxic Atmosphere 12x12 1,243,530 Mandalore -
Suurja Sun Suurja Sun 8, 8 Sun 30x30 0 - -
Suurja Asteroid Belt III Suurja Asteroid Belt III 9, 5 Asteroid Field 1x1 1 - -
Suurja I Suurja I 10, 8 Hot/no Atmosphere 6x6 1,243,530 Mandalore -
Suurja Asteroid Belt IV Suurja Asteroid Belt IV 12, 6 Asteroid Field 1x1 1 - -
Image Name Position Type Owner
Golan II Suurja Cabur 5, 5 Golan II Mandalore
Golan II Suurja I Cabur 10, 8 Golan II Mandalore
Golan II Suurja II Cabur 7, 10 Golan II Mandalore