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Last Updated: Year 16 Day 364
System: Roqoo

Sector: Hapes Cluster

Coordinates: (161, 113)

Suns: 1

Asteroid Fields: 1

Stations: 2

Population: 46,152

Controlled By: Hapes Consortium

Space Combat: PvE

Ground Combat: PvE

Sector Map

The Roqoo System has death written all over it. Many centuries ago, the Hapans used this system as a decoy for enemies. They set up mass mines in the nebula which prevented ships from entering hyperspace, the nebula itself interfered with the ship's systems, leaving them stranded, lost and helpless against the Hapan Royal Navy. After the mines were depleted and the system's decoy function became obsolete, the Hapans seem to have abandoned the system, so almost no Hapan vessels come here anymore. After some time, ship debris and wrecks started to orbit the mines and with time the nebula itself began to spin.

Some claim there are stranded vessels floating aimlessly within the nebula, that is filled with great wealth, prompting treasure hunters, soldiers of fortune and adventurers to risk their lives to get their greedy hands on those valuables. A very dangerous endeavor indeed, as the many wrecks and spaceship debris that has collected over the centuries have enhanced the interference level of the nebula, thus making navigation a nightmare.

Entering the nebula, a pilot practically has to rely on his eyesight and quick reflexes only, as all readings of the ship's instruments become unreliable at best. The vast majority of ships crazy enough to enter the nebula are never seen again. The ghostly thing that remains is, that some of the destroyed and lost ships comm lines still send distress signals, which can be picked up once in a while. An eerie reminder of the dangers that lurk within that nebula.

Some pilots claim it's easier to navigate an asteroid field than the Roqoo-Nebula, often just referenced as "The Nebula of Doom".

Image Name Position Type Size Population Controlled By Homeworld Travel Planner
Roqoo Belt X1 Roqoo Belt X1 10, 7 Asteroid Field 1x1 46,152 Hapes Consortium -
Roqoo Roqoo 10, 10 Sun 30x30 0 - -
Image Name Position Type Owner
Trading II Roqoo Depot 10, 8 Trading II Hapes Consortium
Platform XQ1 Victorias Secret 10, 7 Platform XQ1 Hapes Consortium
Name Collected Data Speed Modifier Owner
Roqoo to Sivoria Hyperlane 286 Data Blocks 7% Public
Roqoo to H'ratth Hyperlane 278 Data Blocks 4.7% Public
Roqoo to Lorell Hyperlane 113 Data Blocks 2.4% Public
Roqoo to Pesmenben Hyperlane 61 Data Blocks 0.9% Public
Roqoo to Avindia Hyperlane 52 Data Blocks 0.6% Public
Roqoo to Roche Hyperlane 31 Data Blocks 0.5% Public
Roqoo to Reboam Hyperlane 11 Data Blocks 0.3% Public
Roqoo to Lantillies Hyperlane 16 Data Blocks 0.3% Public
Roqoo to Asrat Hyperlane 14 Data Blocks 0.3% Public
Roqoo to Theselon Hyperlane 7 Data Blocks 0.2% Public
Roqoo to Rainboh Hyperlane 5 Data Blocks 0.2% Public
Roqoo to Rbollea Hyperlane 6 Data Blocks 0.2% Public
Roqoo to Millinar Hyperlane 7 Data Blocks 0.2% Public
Roqoo to Petabys Conflict Zone Hyperlane 16 Data Blocks 0.2% Public
Roqoo to Taanab Hyperlane 8 Data Blocks 0.2% Public
Roqoo to Arabanth Hyperlane 6 Data Blocks 0.2% Public
Roqoo to Japrael Hyperlane 8 Data Blocks 0.2% Public
Roqoo to Hapes Hyperlane 7 Data Blocks 0.2% Public
Roqoo to Novi Hyperlane 5 Data Blocks 0.1% Public