Type: Trading
Founded On: Year 17 Day 358
Leader: Dac Kain
Second In Command: Willam Kain
Recruitment Liaisons: Willam Kain, Dac Kain, Torak Kruhl
IRC Chatroom:

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Mecrosa is the public face of the Mecrotica Conglomerate, providing first-class trading services and retail sales to the entire galaxy. Mecrosa supplies to the public numerous technologies, medical items, and military hardware through its partners Viraxo, Xucphra, and the Mecrosa Order. Serving a wide range of clientele, Mecrosa also offers a host of exclusive services at prices you will not find anywhere else: expert management services for banks, entertainment centers, and commercial entities. Offering a network of open-to-all trading stations and commerce centers across the galaxy, Mecrosa allows unfettered and safe public access to the galactic marketplace. The current iteration of Mecrosa is a step back to its roots, embracing the impeccable trading reputation of Dac Kain and the entire Kain Family. Operating out of the Phu Sector near the Deep Core, the company specializes in the continued economic growth of the Mecrotica Conglomerate through trade, sales, and asset management. Operating hundreds of casinos, starports, and other entertainment venues generating revenues for Mecrotica operations and its’ exclusive clients – Mecrosa has their thumb on the pulse of galactic culture. Continuously seeking out new opportunities for their clients, they blaze trails into new marketplaces and new economic sectors in search of new profits and industries. No matter your needs, Mecrosa can provide unparalleled service excellence. From providing assistance with construction projects to supplying blueprints to high-end technologies, our sales department guards our client’s privacy and fulfills every contract to our client’s utmost satisfaction. For a free consultation or to arrange a new contract, please contact Executive Director Dac Kain or Director Torak Kruhl.

Datacards Owned:
Items Facilities Stations
Ryll Patch
Death Stick
Bacta Ryfill
Civic Centre
Commerce Centre
Slave Market
Crew Quarters
Trading I
Trading II
Asteroid Hideout
Merchant Space Dock