Type: Mercenaries
Founded On: Year 10 Day 92
Leader: Dac Kain
Recruitment Liaisons: Dac Kain, Torak Kruhl

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Mecrosa is the public face of the Mecrotica Conglomerate, providing first-class retail sales while at the same time protecting the Mecrotica Conglomerate and the Phu Sector from both internal and external threats. Mecrosa supplies to the public numerous technologies, medical items, and military hardware through its partners Viraxo, Xucphra, and the The Angry Rancor Distribution Company. 

One of the the largest paramilitary organizations and non-governmental militaries in the galaxy with access to state-of-the-art technology. Mecrosa and her internal military branch the Mecrosa Order, protect the Mecrotica Conglomerate and the Phu, Illodia, and Questral Sectors from both internal and external threats.

Mecrosa had operated for over ten years primarily as trading company, but the day-today management services for banks, entertainment centers, and commercial entities along with the network of open-to-all trading stations and commerce centers across the galaxy, were turned over to The Angry Rancor Distribution Company.

 Now with their thumb on the pulse of both galactic culture and politics. Mecrosa continuously seeks out new opportunities for their clients, blazing trails into new marketplaces and new economic sectors in search of new profits and industries. While at the same time providing a critical role for clients of Mecrotica Conglomerate by ensuring all of our clients purchases remain in mint condition until they arrive to claim them inside the Phu Sector. Providing security in all the conglomerates facilities to ensure they remain free and safe for all inhabitants to use. At the same time our sales department guards our clients privacy and fulfills every contract to our clients utmost satisfaction. No matter your needs, Mecrosa can provide unparalleled service excellence.

Datacards Owned:
Facilities Stations
Training Academy
KDY v-150 Planet Defender
LNR I Series Turbo Laser Cannon
Shield Generator
Anti-Air Battery
Atgar 1.4 FD P-Tower
Golan Laser Battery
Computer Control Centre
Crew Quarters
Asteroid Hideout
Platform XQ1
Ataturk-class Station
Golan I
Merchant Space Dock