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The Force: Active Skills

An Active Force skill is a type of ability that does not require active use, but rather is a constant effect that influences the user's surroundings or physical abilities. Unlike other Force powers, there are no specific slots associated with Active Force powers, as they are always active and do not require interaction to gain their benefit.

An Active skill does not require activation, and therefore, it may not be visible on the primage Force usage page as it is always active. However, a user can still see the Active skill listed on their Force skill page, along with information about its level. Active skills can be upgraded like any other skill, by investing force SP into developing them. This can increase their proficiency and effectiveness up to the maximum level.

Force LSCThis skill is essential for the user to be able to wield the essentially weightless lightsaber blade effectively without endangering themselves. Depending on the tradition followed, some lightsaber teachers may impart this skill through various forms specialised for offence or defence, or alternatively through a wholly instinctive and passion-fueled style
Determines the Jedi's skill in wielding their lightsaber offensively and defensively. It is directly comparable to regular weapon skills.

The Lightsaber Combat skill is a crucial ability for Force-sensitive individuals who wield lightsabers in combat. This skill takes into consideration both the Lightsaber Combat skill and the Non-Projectile Weapon skill of the wielder. The total combined skill value has a maximum of 5, which is consistent with the maximum value for other skills. A Force user can determine the final skill value used in the combat equations by the table below.

NPWLightsaber Combat
0 1 2 3 4 5
0 011122
1 112223
2 222333
3 233334
4 333444
5 344455
Force LSCForce Detection is a highly versatile ability that can be used in a variety of situations. Force users often use this power to locate other Force users or to sense the presence of those attuned to the light or dark side of the Force. It can also be used to detect the presence of danger or to locate hidden objects. Using Force Detection requires a great deal of focus and concentration. Users must be able to tune out distractions and remain attuned to the Force in order to effectively use this power. Additionally, powerful Force users can sometimes mask their presence, making it difficult for other Force users to detect them.
Allows a force user to sense the potential of others to use and manipulate the force. Results are available one hour after starting Force Detection.

The chance of detecting a new Force user is done with the following equation.

powerLevel = Force Skill Level
Alpha = Force Alpha
modifier = 19
chance = floor((powerLevel * modifier) * Alpha);