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The Force: Training

Though some small Force abilities may be instinctive or learned from experience, to become a powerful Jedi you must train. Training with a Jedi Knight or Jedi Master is the fastest way to learn, but a Force user can also learn by himself through trial and error.

"I want to learn the ways of the Force and become a Jedi Knight like my father." - Luke Skywalker, A New Hope

"You will be trained as a Jedi, I swear It." - Obi-Wan Kenobi, The Phantom Menace

A student may improve with the Force more quickly if he trains with a Jedi Knight or Jedi Master that has a higher amount of Force Experience (FXP) than himself.

A Force-sensitive gains power in the Force by increasing their Force Experience level. Each Force Experience level will give one Force Skill Point (FSP). Each level requires (100 * ((n-1)*(n/2)))FXP to reach. E.g. Level 1 = 0 Level 2 = 100 Level 3 = 300 Level 4 = 600 Etc.

A Force-sensitive may train to try to increase their Force abilities. A student may train alone, with a teacher, or with a Holocron. The student chooses to train for 1 - 12 hours, and neither the student nor the teacher (if any) may move during this period. Training may be aborted at any time, and will also abort if either the teacher or student takes damage, or if either teacher or student is arrested.

At the end of the training session, the number of successful one-hour "chunks" of the training session is individually calculated. The Force-sensitive will gain 100 FXP for each successful hour. Aborted training will calculate successful training results for the last fully-completed hour.

For every 100 FXP earned, the Jedi will gain an additional Force-point in their pool.

FSP may be spent to increase any power when the Force-sensitive has enough. Force powers require the following amounts of FSP: Level 1: 1 pt Level 2: 1 pt Level 3: 2 pts Level 4: 3 pts Level 5: 4 pts. It would take 11 points in total to increase a skill from level 0 to level 5.

A Master is extremely experienced in the ways of the Force. A Knight or Master can function as a teacher. A Jedi trainee may have multiple teachers in their lives. A teacher knows many ways of drawing upon and controlling the Force, and can pass these on to the student.

Luke Skywalker trained Lightsaber Deflection under his mentor Ben Kenobi in the Millennium Falcon. Years later Luke Skywalker Travels to Dagobah to train under Master Yoda.

Training with a teacher greatly increases the student's chances of learning about the Force. A successful training results in: 15 XP and 100 FXP for the student, and 5 XP and 25 FXP for the teacher.

The probability of success is ( (Teacher FXP - Student FXP)/100 )%. Minimum chance of success is always 20%. Maximum chance of success is always 90%.

Before the Master may invite an apprentice to learn the Force under them, the apprentice must add the Master as "Friendly" on their IFF list. A Master and his apprentice can leave each other at any time.

When training with a teacher, the student gains the benefits of the experience and insight which that teacher has to offer. The teacher knows what works and what doesn't. He knows a proven method of learning because he has already been a student. Without a teacher, a student is at a severe disadvantage. Everything the student does is through trial and error. Simply put, it takes much longer! The time taken per session is the same and the likelihood of success is 20% for a session. A successful training results in: 15 XP and 100 FXP.

Emperor Palpatine wishes to increase his power in the Force. Unfortunately for him (fortunately for the galaxy) no living Jedi knows more about the Dark Side than he does. He must meditate, study, and make random attempts at increasing his control of the Force without the benefit of a teacher to guide him. After nearly 400 training sessions, he has successfully raised his FXP by 3200 - barely a third of the way to his next FSP.

For over a millennium, Jedi have used primitive holographic technology to create aids for Jedi instructional training. The holocron is a small, hand-held cube that contains a force echo of the Jedi who created it and projects his/her holographic image. The holocron can teach long after its creator has died, and it serves as a very useful teaching aid and a means to preserve powerful Jedi abilities despite the loss of Jedi masters.

Holocrons are not currently implemented.

A holocron serves as a digital teacher, and can "learn" only from a Master recording lessons into it. If a blank holocron is found by a Jedi, they can then begin recording lessons into the holocron; effectively causing the holocron to become their student for training purposes. With each successful recording the holocron gains 100 FXP and the Jedi recording the lessons gains 25 FXP.

All controls for a holocron are internal and can only be activated by a Force-Sensitive character. Security devices prevent tampering with the cube to access the data. When a student uses the holocron, they can learn from it as if a Jedi teacher were present of the equivalent knowledge as how many recordings are on the holocron. The success of a student learning from a holocron is the same as if the teacher with the same amount of FXP as held by the holocron were teaching the student. A successful training results in: 5 XP and 100 FXP for the student.