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The Force: Passive Slot

A Force Passive slot is a type of Force power that can be activated and deactivated by the user. Once activated, the user will continuously expend Force power over time, and the power will remain active until the user deactivates it or runs out of Force power. This is different from an activation and Combat slot, where the Force power is used once and then the slot becomes inactive until the cooldown period is over. Force Passive slots can have various effects depending on the power used, such as enhancing the user's combat abilities, providing protection, or even changing the user's physical appearance. Force users often use Force Passive slots to gain an advantage in combat or to accomplish tasks that require sustained use of the Force. However, it is important for users to carefully manage their Force power when using a Force Passive power, as they may quickly run out of energy and become vulnerable.

Using a Passive slot is rather simple as all Passive powers are listed at so on their force skill cards.

Toggle 1

Once you activate a passive power, it will consume the base force point cost that is displayed. A cooldown will also be applied, similar to the combat timers. Once the timer has expired, you can replace the passive power with a new one or remove it altogether. If a passive power is not removed, it will continue to consume force points every time the timer expires.

Toggle 2 Toggle 3
Force SpeedA Force user may temporarily increase their own stamina and physical ability, boosting reflexes, physical strength, and running speed.
Allows the Jedi and their party to move faster across the map. Toggle it on/off from the force screen.
This skill consumes the base force power cost every 60 minutes.

The following applies to the party's travel time based on the slowest speed in the party. This applies to ground and cross-terrain travel.

powerLevel = Force Skill Level
Alpha = Jedi Alpha
modifier = 0.1
TravelTimeReduction = (modifier * powerLevel) * Alpha;
Force DeflectionA practice whereby a Force user wields their lightsaber to intercept oncoming energy weapons, either absorbing them completely or deflecting them to a harmless trajectory.
Allows a Jedi to block incoming shots. Toggle it on/off from the force screen. Force Deflection only works on Energy (P) and Energy (H). It also does not apply to melee attacks.
This skill consumes the base force power cost every 60 minutes.

Force Deflection is a complicated skill that requires several skills to master. This skill uses the same lightsaber skills as those used in ground combat. Please refer to the ground combat table for the appropriate weapon skill.

weaponScore = weaponSkill for LSC
powerLevel = Force Skill Level
dexterity = character dexterity
Alpha = Jedi Alpha

block = round(((weaponScore + powerLevel + dexterity)/3) * Alpha);

The block value mentioned above is used in the following table to indicate the probability of an attack being deflected. The Force User must surpass the attacker in the contested skill to deflect the attack.

DeflectionAttack Skill
0-0.5 1-1.52-2.5 3-3.54-4.5 5-5.56-6.5 7-7.5
1 584228178311
2 7258422817831
3 83725842281783
4 928372584228178
5 9792837258422817

Once an attack has been properly deflected, there is a chance based on the skill of the user that it will be deflected back at the original attacker.

Alpha = Jedi Alpha
powerLevel = Force Skill Level
modifier = 4
deflect_chance = (modifier * powerLevel) * Alpha

Once an attack is defected back at the attacker its damage is reduced by the following.

dmg = Original weapon damage from the attacker.
damage = floor(dmg/3);